Sunday, November 8, 2009

New look!

Hi everyone....big boys are at school, baby Henry is asleep and I have finally found some time to fiddle with the layout of the blog. Like it??

If anyone has any other information that would be great to include in the links section please let me know.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to help my ASD child cope with the disappointment of a friend changing schools? Jamie went to this boys birthday party a week ago and his mum and I had a really good chat about the boys......and we realised that the two of them would be good mates so were both going to encourage the friendship. Well this kid hasn't been at school since the party, turns up this morning and announces that he is changing schools!! What!! I so don't get why the mum carried on with the discussion about how good friends her boy and Jamie would be???? Anyway, Jamie doesn't know yet that this kid is leaving, but he will know at the end of the day.....ugghhm, meltdown approaching!


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  1. Oh Amanda, that is so sad. Poor Jamie, its hard enough for them to connect with kids, so must be heartbreaking to have that safety-net at school yanked away so soon.

    Are they staying in the area? Maybe distract him from the imediate loss with the offer of somthing like a playdate or sleepover at your house in the holidays (if you do the sleepover thing that is??) Or if he is moving away, maybe get the pom poms out (figuratively speaking of-course!) and get excited about how FANTASTIC it is going to be to have a pen pal....he could post his friend stuff, drawings, balloons, home-made cards with stuff cut out of magazines etc.

    Thanks for all the links, some really good ones there! Ive got some reading to do to bone up on all that info!