Sunday, February 21, 2010

life changes

Well every year that goes by more things change.
On Saturday night my mother in law died. It was expected and a blessing but of course has hit the children hard and me to although I know she wanted to go I am sad to not be seeing her again. She was a very accepting adn loving mother in law even after our divorce. Kirsty has not been to school for a week but I guess we will get her back there.

On a lighter note on Saturday I got the insurance for my horse riding business so now I can go out there and say "This is me this is what I do"

So I am hoping that soon I will be busy enough with teaching special kids how to ride that I wont have time to be worrying about life lol.

So I had better be off and go and do some tigns out at the horse paddock. Nice way to spend time and enjoy life :)

Have a blessed week everyone. Give those you love a hug and enjoy the little things in life. THey are the things that bring joy.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

ASD Library....

Hello all!

Looking forward to catching up with you this week, hope you can make it on Thursday! Please call or email me if you haven't received the info - I sms'd and emailed everyone last week.

I am in the process of cataloging books to put together a library for us all! I had 9 ASD related books and Donna has kindly donated a few and got a lovely email from a lady in Perth who had heard about us and wants to donated 7 books (a complete stranger how brilliant is that!) I should have about 20 or so books on hand for you all to borrow as needed within a few weeks.

If anyone else has any books they don't need anymore and would like to add them to the pile, please let me know or bring them along on Thursday, they will be taken care of and of course returned to you if you ever need them back!

Hope you are all keeping well, see you soon.