Sunday, February 21, 2010

life changes

Well every year that goes by more things change.
On Saturday night my mother in law died. It was expected and a blessing but of course has hit the children hard and me to although I know she wanted to go I am sad to not be seeing her again. She was a very accepting adn loving mother in law even after our divorce. Kirsty has not been to school for a week but I guess we will get her back there.

On a lighter note on Saturday I got the insurance for my horse riding business so now I can go out there and say "This is me this is what I do"

So I am hoping that soon I will be busy enough with teaching special kids how to ride that I wont have time to be worrying about life lol.

So I had better be off and go and do some tigns out at the horse paddock. Nice way to spend time and enjoy life :)

Have a blessed week everyone. Give those you love a hug and enjoy the little things in life. THey are the things that bring joy.


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  1. Oh Donna, Im so sorry to hear that....I hope she is sleeping peacefully with the angels.

    I havent checked in for ages, so sorry its taken so long to reply...BIG HUG for you.