Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ok, so where has this year gone??? We haven't got together since the end of September....and I know its because we are all frantic just getting through our busy lives....time to take a breather and have a cuppa I reckon!!!!

Tuesday 14th December - lets say mid-late morning for a cuppa or early lunch??

We wont lock in a venue yet, lets see who is comming and will try and make it as central as possible for everyone. I'm leaning towards Margaret River Bec, Erin, Elaine & Miranda can have a rest from driving to Busselton. Also, there is a new lady down there I'd love to meet.

It would have been nice to have a family thingie for Christmas, but I imagine everyone is pulled in many directions through to the end of the year, so perhaps we could plan a 'New-years' get together with the kids & fellas during the January holidays.....when things quieten down a little!!

Take care all, please email me if you can make it on Tuesday 14th.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parent hood

Hi everyone,it's been a while, hope everyone is going okay. Been meaning to post for a few weeks now because I've got stuck on watching parenthood on GWN on Tuesday nights, late but I get sucked in everytime. There is a couple with an Autistic boy and it is very interesting to watch how the parents are dealing with it and family. I know it's a TV show but the producers must have done their homework because it is so close to home including the reactions received.

For the rest, we at home are having a good number of weeks and enjoying a beautiful boy, who even had a good muck around with my husband without getting upset at any stage. It was just hard work getting Kyle to end it.☺We haven't seen this amount of humour for ages and it just made our day.

Kyle is doing guitar lessons and loving it and he has even taken to playing the guitar to calm down which was our whole idea behind it, not that we told him that. It is definantly worth it and Kyle is doing really well too.

Well that's us at the moment,
take care everyone,