Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas and Holidays

Hi There,

Well for those who were at Palandris and wished me all the best for our big family Christmas do, it went well except for Kyle being totally at home. To put it plainly and in the words of one of the family members," you've explained a lot to us but we never knew it was like this." Yes we had meltdowns (a number of them), aggression, impatience, banging and the great honest comments. Well at least the family are no longer unaware what Autism means to our family and for that we are quite glad.
As for the family time, we did have a good weekend, I had enough food, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.
The rest of the holiday season has been quite tiring with Kyle challenging through-out the day. It was only yesterday that we had a 'peaceful' day with the kids in the pool all day and Kyle happy. I look forward to swimming lessons at the beach next week because that is my holiday where the kids are soooo happy. Kyle loves the beach, the exploring in the rocks and no pressure on him, then by night the kids are so tired, they fall into bed on time leaving me to enjoy my night with Troy.
Hoping all your holidays are going well and everyone has had a safe holiday. Happy New Year to everyone as well.