Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well it's 11.59 Sunday night and it looks like my girl will not be going to school tomorrow.
15 year old girls with ASD are not fun when they decide that they are no longer interested in going to school.
She spat the dummy.

A week ago she was excited about going to school. Now she hates it.

She was throwing things in her room so hard that she terrified the dogs who were sleeping in my room.
Now of course I am wound up tight as a drum adn cant sleep and I know she wont be getting any sleep for a while.

I said to her that if she really didn't want to go to school she had to get a job and that was it I was teh nasty mother from hell and life got noisy. Tell you whatr i am glad I dont live next door. Dont think I would want to listen to a meltdown at nearly midnight.

Still it's not all bad news.
I found a place to give horse riding lessons from so just a few more small hurdles adn I can get my business up off the ground. Might have a helper after all lol.

Hope everyone elses school year starts just a little smoother then mine has lol.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy B'day Grace

Hi Deb,

Hope Grace's 'party'  went well on Friday, and you had an enjoyable day. We are facing the birthday week this week. Kyle hates surprises so he just pleads all week for us to tell him his presents.  Don't know what we're doing for a party. Kyle wants one cause thats the thing to do but the last few years he hasn't handled them very well.  Might just go to a park that way he can play how he likes with no social pressures. 

See you at the beach, I'll make sure Ella is around. Grace is so cute with her.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Gorgeous Edward!

We made it back to riding today after a few weeks break, and thought it time to share pics of the very special pony Grace & Jarvis are enjoying spending time with! The lovely lady in the picture is Donna's Daughter Kirsty who helps out with the kids lessons, and is quite an acomplished rider herself!

I mentioned ealier that Donna is experienced teaching kids with special needs, her logo is below - 'Giddyup Kidz'. We ride most weeks, so if you are interested in finding out more about Donna's lessons, or would like to just have a look, please contact either myself or Donna anytime. Edward is located in Busselton.

Thanks for today Donna.....sorry Grace was having 'one of those days' lol!!! Have we had enough of the school holidays yet Arghhhhhhh!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A few happy snappies....

Gracie loved that mask & snorkle Santa gave her!......Yep.....she wore it to the playground in anticipation of a swim at the beach later!

The other shot was taken on Christmas night, probably the only shot of the four of us ever taken!!


Hi everyone....

Hope we all had a lovely Silly Season, no doubt it was all ebbs n flows like ours!! Lots of highs & the inevitable lows, but generally a good time was had by all.

We've just come out of 3 weeks of house guests, plus staying with people in perth ourselves so its great to have our house back and can try to settle into the new year now. The kids are exhausted and Grace is hypering-out (more than usual) some routine is desparately needed.

Amanda - how did Jamie go in his play so far? Sorry we didnt make it to the Sat 2nd show, we had Jarrod's sister & her boys with us and just couldnt make it work.

An update on my previous post about Grace's Gift meltdowns.....yes there were a few, but our speechie managed to throw together a social story at the 11th hour and it did help prepare her a little. The gift voucher she recieved a few weeks ago was 'spent' today, she selected a Barbie sleeping bag, loves it & is excited about using it for our camping trip in a few weeks! Hopefully this will help her understand the concept next time ie: she chooses something to satisfy her Barbie obsession lol!!

Is anyone interested in catching up before school goes back? Maybe we can arrange a get together for sometime next week....if its not too hot. How about an ice-cream at Simmos one afternoon?? We start Vacswim next week and are commited to be at the beach by 11:20am everyday for those 2 weeks, so I'm thinking around 3:30ish??

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon, take care ladies :)