Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well it's 11.59 Sunday night and it looks like my girl will not be going to school tomorrow.
15 year old girls with ASD are not fun when they decide that they are no longer interested in going to school.
She spat the dummy.

A week ago she was excited about going to school. Now she hates it.

She was throwing things in her room so hard that she terrified the dogs who were sleeping in my room.
Now of course I am wound up tight as a drum adn cant sleep and I know she wont be getting any sleep for a while.

I said to her that if she really didn't want to go to school she had to get a job and that was it I was teh nasty mother from hell and life got noisy. Tell you whatr i am glad I dont live next door. Dont think I would want to listen to a meltdown at nearly midnight.

Still it's not all bad news.
I found a place to give horse riding lessons from so just a few more small hurdles adn I can get my business up off the ground. Might have a helper after all lol.

Hope everyone elses school year starts just a little smoother then mine has lol.



  1. It was 2.40 before I could get her to turn her light out without a massive massive reaction.
    She is still in bed sleeping(I assume as I haven't seen hide nor hair of her)

    I am operating on very little sleep and frustration overload *sigh*

    Hope you are all enjoying the first day back at school!

  2. Hi Donna,
    I'm sitting here enjoying a quiet household. Ahh no bickering, no fighting, no yelling or hearing my name every 10secs. :)
    The holidays went pretty good but I was counting down the last week big time. Kyle has a new classroom and teacher for the first time in his school life and he's a bundle of nervous energy. He is back to babytalk, sign he's not feeling secure, and has a comment bout everything to everyone. This morning his breakfast wasn't eaten but no meltdowns, he just came out of bed last night a number of times to make sure his new bag was packed right!! But we'll see how he comes home, we're always ready for something aren't we?

    Hope your day was better and you get some sleep tonight. Everything looks ten times worse when we're sleep deprived. All the best in your business adventures sounds good.


  3. I dream of having some time to myself lol.

    Last time i had some time to myself was April/May last year.

    She didn't go to school but I got a bit of work done at the new arena so am going to get things sorted soonish I hope. I have a bit of fencing to do. 5 posts to replace or strengthen. Shall have to see how we go.

    Hope you kids all came home happy and not too exhausted from their first day at school.

  4. *dancing adn singing* "She went to school today"


    Very pleased. Didn't think she was going to go but she did (Got up at 8.50 which is start time)
    So I got about 3 hours work done on the new arena today. 3 down lots more to go lol.

  5. Well my turn came. Friday morning Kyle was not going to school, he has had a very short fuse since Thursday night and we are all walking on eggshells cause anything sets him off. I'm even the most annoying Mum cause I asked him how his day was. I think it's all the settling in process and the settling into normal routine. I am enjoying the 'normal days again'.
    Hope your week ended up being okay.