Monday, August 23, 2010

Carol Grey Seminars

Hi All,

I've just come back from attending 2 days of seminars from Carol Grey. Wow where do I start? It went from 9 till 4 and the whole time was just full of information that had me rethinking my whole bringing up of Kyle. Carol was a wealth of knowledge, she is the creator of social stories and has worked with kids on the ASD spectrum for many many years and continues to. She showed us that they are a unique and special bunch of kids and we have so much to learn, not always them.

If you want info she is setting up a website where you can download lots of her social stories and plans ect. because she rather the correct info goes to people then to make money out of Autism. I'll check out the other sites she gave and maybe I'll email to Deb and she can forward them on since she has the email addresses.

Also thanks to my sister-in-law, I am reading a novel by Jodi Picolt titled House Rules. About an aspergers boy, very interesting as there are chapters from his point of view. The only thing as my sister(close enough) warned me he seems to know where he is different and can articulate it a bit to well according to me. But good and informative read also for family members and friends.

Enjoy your day and if anyone wants to know more let me know and I'll see how much I remember.

Cheers Elaine