Thursday, April 22, 2010

Autism Clothing (and other merchandise)

Found an amazing online shop today   .  I ordered some "palaeontologist in training" clothes for Jamie for his upcoming 9th birthday, but then today I looked at all their autism products!  OMG!  Amazing amazing statemtents and info on all their clothing etc.  I think I will definitely get the "I love someone with autism" shirt for me and the "I love my autistic brother" shirt for baby Henry, but am still deciding if it is appropriate for Jamie to wear something....or maybe I will get him a bag or something else.  I especially liked the slogan Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious (AUTISM) - (something like that anyway)..  And the Autistic Today, Genius Tomorrow and the I have Autism, What's Your Problem or the Eye Contact is Over-rated or the list of famous people with autism..and I could go on and on!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Recent catch up

Just a belated thank you to all the lovelies that came along to our last catch-up. It was a couple of weeks ago on Wednesday 31st March, seven of us made it on a windy Busselton day!.....Plus my Mother-in-law, who was brilliant at keeping Griffin occupied so I could have a decent chin-wag (well done Janice!)

Great to meet Jacky for the first time, welcome hun! And a big thanks to Carol from DSC for popping by for a chat, as always, you're such a great support and we love having you....always such a wealth of knowledge!!

Will email you all very soon with an update on how our fundraiser went, have to say we are all very clever and did a brilliant job all round - thanks for all your hard work, hope you didnt all consume as much chocolate as I did!

Hope to set a date for our next get together soon, probably for the second or third week of term, lets all settle back into routine first eh! Would also like earmark a weekend gathering sometime this get the kids together and start helping them along with some extra social networking! I was contacted recently by a new family who are keen to expose thier child to safe, friendly social opportunities, which reminded me we should really involve our school-age kids a bit more. Should be fun, might take a little more thought & planning of course!

Take care people, looking forward to catching up with you all again soon.


Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi All,
Thought I'll let you know of our exciting news. We are heading over east to Adelaide for our once a year holiday.  This is the first holiday where we will be traveling around without a real destination.  Kyle has always struggled with holidays and so we've stuck to the one place for the one holiday. But so far with careful planning, Kyle is excited and coping well. Thanks Felicity. He has been helping getting ready and been very interested in the whole affair. Something that's been good for our hearts. We'll see if I survive with 4 kids in the car for countless kms. Oh well all part of the fun.
So till we meet again, take care and may you all enjoy your holidays.