Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to the Blog!

Hello all,

Its been pretty quiet in here lately, we've all been so busy with the new school year and settling back in to life after the chaos of the long school holiday break. So welcome back!

Our fundraiser is in full swing and has been blitzing! A few clever ladies have been selling them like hotcakes and comming back for more, thanks so much to everyone for putting in so much effort, it looks like we will raise several hundred dollars towards our library. Will let you all know the final figure in a couple of weeks when we have sold through.

How have all the kids settled back into school? We have our case conference/IEP next week and will have plenty to talk about. Grace's anxiety has been in full-swing and her teacher reports several challenges every week. I had been optimistic she would go really well this year as she surprised me with how well she coped with pre-primary last year, so my heart is sad for my little lady lately. Some of this is sensory, so will work with the OT on that, but we might give Felicity a call and look at getting her clever thoughts on all this.

Would love to hear how everyone else is going. Tish, hope Jarvis has coped ok with the move, a new house is always an adjustment for anyone, so hopefully he is alright and enjoying the 'sea-change'

Our last get-together was brilliant, we had about 12 ladies and several kids come down to Simmos in February, and great to meet some new faces. We also had a small, impromptu get together at Bec's house last week when I did a chokie drop down in Margaret River. Erin, lovely to meet you and your gorgeous boys, look forward to seeing you again soon. Things are looking pretty busy for the next couple of weeks, but how about we make the next catch up on Wednesday 31st March? Time & place to be confirmed, will put my thinking cap on....probably up in Busselton this time.

Hopefully everyone has been getting my emails with updates on up & comming seminars, workshops and other bits n bobs. I will start posting updates in here too, as I know how easy it is for emails to get lost in the chaos!

Blog away ladies, always lovely to chat!