Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hi everyone....

Hope we all had a lovely Silly Season, no doubt it was all ebbs n flows like ours!! Lots of highs & the inevitable lows, but generally a good time was had by all.

We've just come out of 3 weeks of house guests, plus staying with people in perth ourselves so its great to have our house back and can try to settle into the new year now. The kids are exhausted and Grace is hypering-out (more than usual)....so some routine is desparately needed.

Amanda - how did Jamie go in his play so far? Sorry we didnt make it to the Sat 2nd show, we had Jarrod's sister & her boys with us and just couldnt make it work.

An update on my previous post about Grace's Gift meltdowns.....yes there were a few, but our speechie managed to throw together a social story at the 11th hour and it did help prepare her a little. The gift voucher she recieved a few weeks ago was 'spent' today, she selected a Barbie sleeping bag, loves it & is excited about using it for our camping trip in a few weeks! Hopefully this will help her understand the concept next time ie: she chooses something to satisfy her Barbie obsession lol!!

Is anyone interested in catching up before school goes back? Maybe we can arrange a get together for sometime next week....if its not too hot. How about an ice-cream at Simmos one afternoon?? We start Vacswim next week and are commited to be at the beach by 11:20am everyday for those 2 weeks, so I'm thinking around 3:30ish??

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon, take care ladies :)

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  1. ice cream at Simmos :) Yumm.
    Has to be my favourite treat.let me know when and I will be there.
    They even have sorbet for those on a gluten free diary free diet.