Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My favourite ASD books

I have read so many that I forget all the names however the ones that stand out.

Anything by Tony Attwood. He is such a positive writer.

For kids anything by Kathy Hoopman. I used her books to share the kids diagnosis with them.

For learning about children with language/possible intellectual delays try "Lucy's Story" by Lucy Blackman. It is an inspirational book and taught me such a lot. I strongly recommend this one to anyone.

for help with problems at school try "Asperger's syndrome a practicle guide to school success." by Dianne Adreon and Brenda Smith Miles. while it targets the teen eyars there is such a lot in there that would be easily addaptable for primary kids. I bought it for my childs school. anything by Brenda Smith Myles would be useful for school issues.

For school issues and your legal rights try the Disability Standards of Education 2005. it is a useful document that can help clarify just what it is the school is supposed to do to help your children.

for joy, laughter, tears and a bit of escape "Winterdance the fine madness of the iditarod race" by Gary Paulsen also he wrote The Schernoff Discoveries (1997) definately worth reading(about a boy with ASD funnily enough) but another alltime favourite of his is Harris and Me. roll on the floor funny.

Hope you find a few of them. I still go hunting for the Gary Paulsen books when I need a cheer up.

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