Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good luck tomorrow Mira!

Hope all goes well with F's assesement tomorrow Mira, please pop in and let us know hpow it all went.


  1. Hi Deb

    The assessment went really well and they were very thorough - They team were here for over 5 hours - as Flynn is not a clear cut case and is probably borderline aspie/pddnos - However I feel confident that the resulting report will be very supportive and help in lots of ways regardless of the diagnosis. I don't know how to blogg but will get to do it soon. I like hearing about what everyone else is doing. Cheers mira

  2. Hi again, look forward to hearing more about it Mira, keep onto them to make sure you get that report/diagnosis before his 6th birthday!!

    Will we see you next Thursday??

    Have just posted some instructions on how to 'blog' any questions, feel free to reply to that post & I'm sure Amanda can answer them!

    Look forward to catching up next week if you can come.