Wednesday, November 4, 2009

introducing Donna

Hi all,
I am Mum to two kids on the spectrum. DS is almost 17 and about to entre the workforce. He currently has a volunteer job and I am totally stoked. I have been homeschooling him for 3 1/2 years and was wondering if I would ever get him out into society again.

So I am full bottle on education and the problems our kids can face so if you are having troubles ask any questions and I am happy to help if I can. I have been involved in ASD support groups for well over 3 years because I have found the most support and knowledge comes from other people in the same situation. Although the supports availalbe do change with time and often the greatest help is having a place to come that has a heap of people who all have different knowledge.

DD is 15 and entering year 11 next year. Being term 4 this time of year is always a challenge and it is living up to the past but one day at a time we get there. Life is certainly far easier now then it was 3 years ago. The trouble with that of course is that professionals meeting dd for the first time dont always agree with me that she is on the spectrum. Sometimes I wonder why they suggest all this therapy and activities to us becuase they certainly dont seem to think they make any difference. Or else they would recognise the ASD is present despite the training *sigh*

Because my dear lad is about to enter the work force I am able to get back into work myself. Having years of experience with horses, and autism/aspergers I am starting a business running horse riding lessons for kids with special needs in Busselton. It's fun and hectic at the moment because I am trying to get into the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme so there is lots of paperwork and learning about business stuff.

I hope to catch up with you all at the meetings if I can at all. It's nice to meet new faces who understand :)


  1. Hi Donna!So glad you have joined us. Everyone...Donna is a wealth of knowledge and experience, so hope you all get to meet her soon. Grace and Tish's DS have been having riding lessons with her for a couple of months now, and they absolutely LOVE it! Will upload a pickie soon!

  2. Thanks Deb :) I love a gossip and talking to others who understand that when you say shopping is hell on earth and dont say "Oh but all kids throw tantrums in the supermarket"