Friday, November 27, 2009

Hi everyone, yes I have it worked out. Thanks Amanda! I'm Elaine, mother of 4; 3 girls and my special boy. Kyle is 7 and was diagnosed with Autism in May this year after many frustrating years of being blamed for bad parenting. I have a very supportive husband in Troy. Kyle is high functioning but has many aggresive meltdowns and his behaviour is becoming more obvious around and by other kids. He attends a school in Bunbury which belongs to our church so he is well supported. There is only 59 students and 3 teachers so the all the staff is on board with anything going on for him. We are up to the stage of telling the other students but are unsure yet how we are going to go about it because Kyle although he knows his diagnosis doesn't like to talk about it. Any ideas? Thanks for the coffee morning it's good to meet other parents because as much as they try to, family and friends sometimes don't fully understand.  
Best wishes to you all especially as we start heading to the busy time of the year and for us the hardest time of the year, with all the out of routine activities that are involved.

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  1. Hi Elaine, well done figuring out this blogging business!

    I dont have any tips on telling the friends and school families as we havent got to that point yet, Grace is still yet to be told herself....but that time may be approaching soon I fear.

    It must be tricky with Kyle not liking to talk about it, perhaps talk it through with Felicity, she will have some great ideas I'm sure.

    Donna posted a little blurb about When & who to tell earlier this month, there may be some good books listed in her post to help you along.

    Hope you have a good weekend, lovely to have the warm sunshine again!