Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogging tips

Have just cut n pasted this from an email from Amanda, thanks hun, what a clever chook you are :)

"The blog is very easy to get into.

  1. Go to the blog site ( ETA ...if you are reading this - you have already done this lol!)
  2. Click on sign in at the top right of the toolbar
  3. Put in your username / email and password at the top of the page
  4. You should get directed to a page that has a box with the title “manage blogs” , simply click on “new post”
  5. On the next page type in your title and then what you want to say in the larger box, then click on publish post (big orange box)
  6. On the next screen, near the top of all the words is a link “view blog” – go there to see your post (there is also another “view blog (in new window)” link further down, but this one will open the blog again and you will have it open twice on your screen)

Hope that helps! "

Ps: Any questions, please add a comment/reply to this post and Im sure Amanda can help you out!


  1. Ok, I have a question....Amanda - What is the difference between a 'Follower' and an 'ASD Family Network Contact'?


  2. I think I just created my own blogspot, instead of on this site. I don't know how or why. I think I followed you're instructions. I'm not very computer literate!! Now what?

  3. Elaine - Did you click on "create blog" instead of "sign in"?? Go to sign in again, put in your password etc and see if it comes up with just the ASD blog or another one as well - if you have more than you want just delete the extras

    Deb - That one is puzzling me too!! I don't quite know how you got the Family Network Contacts up there - as when I go in there to alter it, it's all blank! Followers are people who already have a blogger ID, they choose to follow the blog and then when they sign in and get to the "manage blogs" page, any new posts from blogs they follow appear on that page - it is intended to be a useful tool for people that follow lots of blogs - they only need to sign in and then see at a glance which blogs have new posts.