Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marriage statistics

Hiya me again!

I've just finished reading a really great book called 'The 5 languages of love' and although it was a bit 'American' and corny in parts, it really made alot of sense, so am starting on the path of getting beyond the mars/venus gap lol!!

A quick google search showed that up to 80% of couples with children on the spectrum end up splitting, add that to the 60% for those living the Fly in/out lifestyle, it appears we are stuffed with a 140% chance of going bust!

Ok, so it may not be that simple, and Im glass half-full kinda gal. So my resolution for this week is to start working towards a stronger relationship.

PHEW! Thats all a bit heavy...sorry! Feel free to add your comments :)


  1. Deb, I enjoyed the book to. it made a lot of sense. I also have the 5 love languages of children. Let me know if you would like to read it. Thanks for the Blog invite.

  2. Hi Deb

    Just new to blogging but will imagine I will get the hang of it. I like the idea of sharing a few comments about the things that I will face over the next few weeks and months. F's assessment is due next week and should be through before his 6th birthday. We are having a party for him this weekend with about 20 children and am concerned about how he is going to interact with the kids. He has been talking about having a birthday party since last year when he didn't have one on his birthday. just hope I (we) don't have any major hiccups.

  3. Hey Ms Hoffy (lol) that you with a LION??? Do tell! Thanks, yes I'd love to read the childrens love languages too!

    Hello Ms Mira.... Good luck with the party, I understand your apprehention completely. Let us know how it goes ok! Im new to all this blog stuff too, thats why Im so glad Amanda is with us to help guide us!!

  4. I was shocked when I heard the 80% statistic. Now i am not sure why the stat is so high. Is it because of the challenges we face of the reality that ASD comes form somewhere and it is likely that one of the parents has a lot of ASD traits and grew up with no understanding or teaching to help with the difficulties.

    As for me yes I seperated years ago. I think it is both sides of the family although the ex has difficulty seeing that.

    I think the moast important thing a couple can do for thier kids is to ensiure they have chill out time where they get together and have fun with no kids. I know exactly how hard that is but you can get funding for respite that you can use to have the kids looked after so you can have some special time.