Saturday, November 28, 2009

1-2-3 Magic

Hi everyone (and Hi Elaine..glad you got things working!!) I wanted to tell you about a parenting / behaviour management course I have recently attended. It's called 1-2-3 Magic and is run in Busselton very frequently by The Goodnight Nurse. I couldnt find a direct mention of the course on her website, but just contact Emma if you are interested. It costs $100 per person, or $150 for 2 people. I also recommend buying the book for an extra $40. Anyway, about the course...
....Emma had told me that it was proven to work with autistic kids, maybe not the really low functioning ones, but definitely the others. I was a bit hesitant at first, but went along anyway, as I thought that it could at least help my husband and I manage our non-autistic child's behaviour. Well...guess works....with both the kids. Thomas (non autistic) is much happier and more co-operative and less angry and grumpy with us. Jamie (ASD) is getting through his meltdowns and anger times a lot quicker.
There are 3 parts to the course. 1 - identifying and sorting behaviours - this really helped me to see which behaviours were important to target and which I could "let slide". 2 - Using 123 to stop unwanted behaviours and start wanted behaviours (the whole thing sounded to simple to me, I was sure it wouldn't work, but it did!!) and 3 - emotion coaching - to help kids identify, manage and deal appropriately with their emotions - this has really worked with Jamie. He has had a few meltdowns since the course and I have been able to bring him out of them quicker and with much less trauma than previously.
Give it a go.....I bet you will be surprised!!


  1. Hi Amanda, thanks heaps for that feedback, Im definately going to give that workshop a go! Grace's school has run the 123 magic workshops for parents (free too!) each term, and I never bothered going.

    The last time I attended a behaviour-strategy workshop, was when Grace was 3 (pre-diagnosis) and it was a Positive Parenting course. I went for 8 weeks, everyone was getting fantastic results & Grace's behaviour escalated! I was the one at the course basicly put in the too-hard-basket, the facilitator just shrugged & said 'She has me stumpped! At the time I considered doing 1-2-3 magic, but figured it would be another waste of time & see me feeling more lost and frustrated!

    Its brilliant to hear positive outcomes from an ASD mum, so Im gonna give it a go!.....Griffin is starting to do my head in with the terrible-twos anyway (as you saw when we came over the other week - he's very needy lol!)

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  2. Hi Deb,
    I too got sent to do the triple P program and while all the other mums were going crazy how good it was, the child health nurse who was running it was at a loss how to help me with Kyle, so she said I must not be sticking to the program. Made me feel like a great Mum, NOT.
    It's hard then to let go of past experiences and keep trying new things, but I always think I'll go through it for Kyle because we both need any help we can get.

    Felicity is doing a behaviour program with Kyle through a student she has with her so we'll see how that goes first. Can only take in so much info at a time. I must be getting old!

  3. I was involved in the university trial of the PPP program. I felt like I was being judged as not doing the things recommended. When teh trial finished I was not told where to go fr help just abandoned. I shake my head now at that and wonder what would have happened had I been refered to a child psych who knew autism. I htink we owuld have had help and support a whole 6 years earlier.

    Oh well old news.
    But at least those ofus with ASD in our kids can understand that we are not failures, that our children need tobe taught things in different ways.

    I think 1,2, 3 is a great program but I think we must remember to use visuals in helping our children and remember to look for the cause of meltdowns. Until we know just what is causing the problems we cant help our kids.

    Nothing beats finding the cause and addressing it by education or environmental adjustments.