Sunday, May 9, 2010

Catalyst show

Hi all,

Yes we're back to reality.  We had a great holiday and the kids were just brilliant. 1 DVD in 7200km. Amazed us. We saw heaps and did lots. Kyle went pretty well, he had his days but we expected that. Didn't always make it easier though.  Next time we both agreed a holiday of planting ourselves somewhere and not moving.
We watched the catalyst show and loved it. We had a good laugh over the comments between the two guys about only wearing pacific clothing from Best and Less. Yep, Kyle's favourite!! It was good to hear them voice the struggles they have something we hope Kyle will managed someday. Definantly worth watching.

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  1. Hi Elaine :) ....welcome back - in one piece, well done! I'm amazed at how well your road trip went, you are definately my hero - a bravery award comming your way lol!

    Yeah, it was definately interesting hearing these fantastic people articulate thier thoughts so well - gives great hope. My Dad recorded it for anyone that missed it, soon to be added to our little library!

    Hope to see you on the weekend E.