Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Holidays again

Hey everyone,

Just wishing everyone the best for the school holidays and the Easter break. Hope you all have a good break and stay safe. For us it's a busy time of the year with 3 birthdays and usually lots of visitors which stresses Kyle out, but for the rest of the family it's a time we enjoy.
Things have been insanely stressful here so it will be nice to have some celebration. Kyle is not handling school so well this year and his peers are also seeing him as 'different' and it's not always easy. Ah the school scene, such a joy, with all the social going on. At least he's starting to get some of it out of his system at school and not bringing it all home.

Anyhow that's all from here.
Take care everyone, strength to you all and I'll hopefully get to another get together after the holidays.

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