Friday, December 11, 2009

School orientation

Kyle had a school orientation last Wednesday. Being a small school they did preschool orientation and then included the whole school by moving everyone to the class and room they were going to go next year. It was mainly for Kyle. He did really well and it's given him confidence for next year. We are so thankful the school is behind us in helping Kyle. We did have a quiet laugh when the desks became his focus point, everything about them was wrong including the colour. We just have to wait now to see how he goes next year, first we have to tackle the holidays!!!


  1. Hi Amanda, great to hear they are planning ahead for Kyle....can picture how funny it must have been with him wanting to 're-decorate' the room,lol!

    Grace's school has been doing a transition book for her, including pictures of her new teacher, classroom etc. We'll take it home over the holidays to revise. The last IEP focused on term 1 and it was all really positive, so Im feeling pretty optimistic at this stage.

  2. ...sorry Elaine, I just called you Amanda! No, Im not drunk - but would like to be lol!